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GRUNT – Cleaning and Minifying JavaScript Files

In this tutorial, we are going to create a NodeJS/Grunt project which has basically used for minifying many JavaScript files into one. The steps are, Step 1.  Install NodeJS latest version and refer “” link for more information. Step 2.  If you are having any existing NodeJS instance then just update by using “npm update –g npm” command. I am having existing NodeJS instance and updated by invoking above command. Step: 3. Next, we need a Grunt command line interface (CLI) tools globally. It is a node.js module and needs to install by using a command called “npm install –g grunt-cli”. Step 4.  We need another component called grunt-init globally. It is also a node.js module and we can install it globally by invoking a command “npm install –g grunt-init”. Step 5.  Next, we need to create a new grunt project. I have created new folder called “Grunt-MinifyDemo” in “D“ directory and this is my project. Step