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Developing First Grails Application

Grails - Introduction Grails is a modern web development framework that mixes the features of some important frameworks like Spring (IoC, MVC, AOP) and Hibernate. The Grails uses a Groovy as a programming language that runs on JVM and seamlessly integrates with Java language. The goal of Grails is simplifying Java enterprise web application development. The important feature of Grails is convention over configuration (Rails developers knows very well), means that your application auto-wires itself based on some common-sense naming schemes, instead of using XML configuration files.  The scaffolding is an another important feature of Grails, that will automatically creates a basic CURD interface for your domain class. Grails - Architecture Installing and configuring Grails 1. Here you can download the binary distribution of the Grails. After downloading just unzip it. 2. Create the GRAILS_HOME environment variable. 3. Add $GRAILS_HOME/bin to the path.